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We scan the world to identify capabilities, strategic positioning and emergent models of integration and co-innovation.

Our insights are backed by founding and running international open source projects.

This has enabled us to build a global community of incumbents and startups to enrich our know-how into APIs and ecosystems.

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A market study into how insurance incumbents and startups are building their ecosystems. Examining products, business models, API inventories, innovation, platform maturity and much more.

Valuable insights for insurance carriers, intermediaries, banks, FinTech, VCs and software vendors.

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This is what our research has produced

The Open Insurance Initiative

We published the white paper that introduced the concept of Open Insurance to the world! It provided an overview of the fundamental elements involved in insurers providing open APIs and shared access to data.

Open Source Demo Platform

It started off as a test bed for ideas. It will be released as an MVP distribution platform for Travel insurance. Free and open source to develop and reuse by brokers, agents and emerging insurance carriers.

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If you are a business operating in mobility, health, finance or travel and you would like to reach out to our global community of insurance carriers and InsurTech startups for integration opportunities - connect with us.

Open Insurance is part of the global API landscape


New mobility, FinTech enabled marketplaces, insurance API intergration?

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