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Ecosystem Maturity Analysis of 10 Insurance Organizations

Using an extensive maturity analysis tool, Robosque has synthesized the strides insurance businesses across the globe have taken to develop viable platform ecosystems.

Based on this synthesis, the report scores 10 platforms demonstrating how they measure up to help integration partners and platform extension developers make informed choices.


Product innovation, business models, API inventories, developer portals, and much more.

This report analyzes how insurance carriers and InsurTech startups deploy insurance APIs (Quoting, Policy Processing and Claims Management) in building partnerships with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

Robosque is a catalyst for fundamental change

We’re committed to practicing what we preach, so much so that we’re also building technology led initiatives and curated community, built on the exchange of ideas around technology, strategy and the dynamics of platform ecosystems.

This is what our research has produced

The Open Insurance Initiative

We published the white paper that introduced the concept of Open Insurance to the world! It provided an overview of the fundamental elements involved in insurers providing open APIs and shared access to data.

Open Source Demo Platform

It started off as a test bed for ideas. It will be released as an MVP distribution platform for Travel insurance. Free and open source to develop and reuse by brokers, agents and emerging insurance carriers.

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CONSULTING - Build your ecosystem with ROBOSQUE's knowhow

  • push boundaries with out-of-the-box thinking
  • reinvent core-insurance solutions with next generation underwriting

Our research, strategy and tools will help you launch digital insurance propositions that your customers and partners love.

Modules and Buidling Blocks-v3

We work with customers within and outside the insurance sector

Our successes have cemented our position in the global API landscape.

The Journey to an Open Insurance Standard - Part 4

The Role of Smart Regulation in Innovation

There are hardly any vibrant collaborative insurance ecosystems relying on open interfaces. The entry barriers are high, and the potential gain is low for individual stakeholders to force change. Not surprisingly, for industry insiders, regulation has a big role to play.

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