Turning big ideas into big discoveries

We provide consulting services and produce market studies on insurance APIs, ecosystem development, modular product design and service integration.

Open Insurance Whitepaper

Our small, but expert team are specialists in developing and executing go-to-market strategies for platform-age insurance businesses.

In order to ensure successful execution, we work with few, great companies and become deeply embedded in their operations in order to best develop solutions for and with them.


At Robosque, we focus on services that help companies design, build, and launch networked businesses.

We regularly work with the new generation of ecosystem-based financial services companies, marketplaces, challenger InsurTech and systems of intelligence that capitalize on platforms of scope to deliver ever-increasing value to their customers and partners.


We advance insurance ecosystem research through powerful insights and meaningful connections.


Our insights are backed by founding and running international open source projects. This has enabled us to build a global community of incumbents and startups to enrich our know-how of APIs and ecosystems.