ROBOSQUE 10 Insurance Ecosystem Maturity Analysis

Insurance Ecosystem Maturity Analysis

This report uses Robosque's Platform Ecosystem MaturitymeterTM to analyze the working modes of 10 successful open insurance ecosystems.

These first-generation ecosystems are at different stages of maturity. A lot of the inherent complexity in transacting insurance is being solved by pioneering incumbents and InsurTech startups.

Most business ecosystems fail. As a result more than $50 billion of venture capital is lost every year, not including failed experiments of incumbents that try to adopt the ecosystem model.

To avoid strategic blunders, many internal decisions and activities must be performed to introduce best ecosystem governance choices.

With more than a third of platform ecosystems failing because of bad governance practices, it becomes important to contrast the activities of insurance ecosystem pioneers with those of the entire business ecosystem. That is powerful and insightful knowledge.

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Table of contents:
1- Mobilizing an ecosystem to co-create value
2- About Robosque's Maturitymeter
3- Evaluation overview
4- Maturity Levels of first-generation insurance ecosystems
5- Business Inclusion Criteria
6- Final note

Region: Global with focus on USA and European markets

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Number of pages: 16

Year published: 2020

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