New Insurance Market Study:


This report analyzes the landscape of experience APIs - Quoting, Purchasing, Policy Processing and Claims Management.

The result of examining more than 200 incumbents and startups in the insurance industry in their use of APIs, and developer portals to build their ecosystems.


How are insurers and InsurTech startups going to meet customer needs and continue to operate in a platform setting?

We analyzed many factors:

New Customer Expectations: How are innovators maximizing the quality of underwriting and claims experience?

Building commercial partnerships: How do insurers and InsurTech startups work with online commerce partners to optimize the benefits for their customers?

Leading the next generation of API innovators: What are the characteristics of current and oncoming generations of developer portals and how to adapt the strategy to this age of disruption?

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Who should read this report?

Insurers and intermediaries

Bankers and payments executives

Online commerce platforms

Investors and VCs

Software vendors

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Region: Global with focus on USA and European markets

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Number of pages: 40

Year published: 2020

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