New Insurance Market Study


This report analyzes how insurance carriers and InsurTech startups deploy insurance APIs (Quoting, Purchasing, Policy Processing and Claims Management) in building partnerships with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

What's included:

  • 6 case studies of platform examples
  • Exclusive data and insights on APIs adoption
  • Comparisons of startup v incumbent use of APIs and platform ecosystems
  • Measures of platform innovation and product complexity
  • The role of APIs in business model and marketing approaches
  • Comparison of how different companies use their platforms in handling claims

We have examined more than 250 incumbents and startups and their use of APIs and developer portals in building their ecosystems.

  • Explore what APIs the leaders are focusing on in developing their ecosystems.
  • Identify areas of possible business expansion and diversity.
  • Learn what data and functionality are being served and how third party service providers are cultivated.
  • Catch up with the trends and opportunities that others are unearthing.
  • Compare developer portal and open innovation practices.
  • Discover new markets that are under-serviced.

"FinTech enabled marketplaces and platforms will unlock the largest

commercial opportunity"

functional scope of APIs

Catch up with leaders in APIs

The industry is moving quickly. Startups and adventurous incumbents are learning by watching the pioneers.

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Region: Global with focus on USA and European markets

The report will be emailed in PDF format.

Number of pages: 40

Year published: 2020

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